• 【High Speed Racing Boat】Built-in 370 strong water cooler magnetic driving motor, the speed can reach to 20-25km/s. There are adjustable speeds that you can set it to which is helpful for kids as they can start with slow speed and then increase it once they get a hang for it.
  • 【180° Capsize Recovery & Yaw Auto-correction】The self-righting function makes the boat easy to get back upright when it capsizes, you rock the throttle forward and backward a couple of times and the inertia flips it. The Speedboat is fast and easy to control, the remote distance is up to 150m.
  • 【Water Cooling System & Dual Waterproofing】The water circulation system can cool the motor that is hot due to long-time work and extend the lifetime of the toy boat. Moreover, the hull is completely water tight. The hatch has four twist lock knobs to ensure no water ever makes it into the hull.
  • 【Low Battery Reminder】It has 2 batteries and and quick to charge. The controller will beep to remind you to let the race boat back immediately when the battery is low. The boat has to be in water for the remote to work which is a good safety feature so that you do not hurt yourself.
  • 【Good Buy for Any Age】This model is an ideal recreational toy for beginners, advanced and professionals. It’s easy to figure out even with so many functions. Once you get a hang for it it is pretty fun to play with. Recommend it to anyone that likes to play with water by the lake, the sea, pond or just play swimming pool.