• ⏲【SPECIFICATIONS】 Color: silver + black, material: chrome vanadium alloy steel, packaging size: 33*10*8.5cm, packaging weight: 1.3kg.
  • ⏲【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】 Torque wrench is an instrument indicator for torque measurement of threaded fasteners, and can be tested arbitrarily within the range. It is suitable for fastener torque testing with high precision requirements.
  • ⏲【SLOWLY APPLY FORCE】 When using, apply the tightening force slowly and steadily until the driven pointer reaches the required torque value.
  • ⏲【PRECAUTIONS】 Chrome vanadium alloy steel. The outer ring of the dial is made of plastic, so avoid contact with high temperature to avoid damage. This instrument supports two-way use, but it is not allowed to loosen the fasteners, so as not to reduce the indication accuracy due to overload.
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