• For sleeping, you can take it as a normal cervical neck bed pillow as well as an couple arm pillow, reduce arm pressure and offer support to the head for long night sleep.
  • Different from other arm pillow, pillow has an supportive frame, to offer the best support to keep the original shape, durable for pressure bearing.
  • Patented arch design, contour sweet couple pillow offers the best supports for your mate?s neck and head, and the hollow design as tunnel leaves space for your arm.
  • 100% pure breathable memory foam, keep original shape, soft but firm enough for support, ideal material as pillow stuffing, offers max. protection to neck, arm, head and other contact parts.
  • Ice silk fabric pillowcase and full polyester pillow liner, both are breathable and skin-friendly materials. With invisible zipper, the cover can be removed for wash to keep it fresh.