• No Pumping: Required 4* AA Alkaline batteries. Once installed, there is no endless pumping before you do the garden watering. The on/off button on the sprayer wand lets you start/stop at any time, saving your labor and making the water spraying smoothly from place to place. So much easier than one you have to pump.
  • Easy to Carry: The reservoir contains up to 0.68oz/2L water. When the reservoir filled up with the liquid, it is lightweight and easy to carry around while directing the sprayer, suitable for women, seniors, teenagers, and people who have carpal pain.
  • Foldable Wand & Adjustable Nozzle: The wand can be folded up when not use. The nozzle provides two spraying methods: Misting or Stream. Water in the misting method can provide a large spraying coverage, while the stream method provides high pressure and long spray distance.
  • Long Service Time: 4* AA Alkaline batteries can last at least 3 months in our test. We use it for 10-15 minutes every day for houseplant watering. If you just use it from time to time, the batteries can last 6 months or more. Notice to remove the batteries when long time no use.
  • Application: The powered sprayer is widely used on many occasions. You can mix different treatments in the bottle to solve the weeds in your garden, the mildew/mold in your house floor, the bugs hiding in the corner. Notice: the thick or oily product tends to make it clog, clean after each use, and do not store chemicals in the container.