• SAFE, NATURAL, LONG-LASTING HEAT - Each Grabber Body Warmer is made with natural ingredients and lasts up to 18 hours, which means you get 540 hours of soothing warmth per display
  • HOW TO ACTIVATE - Open the package, expose the warmer to air, and allow 15-30 minutes to heat up fully. If warmth decreases, expose warmer to air again and shake. After use, dispose of with regular trash
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Each Grabber Body Warmer is made in the USA with natural ingredients that don't harm the environment like iron, water, vermiculite, charcoal, polymer & salt
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE - Small enough to pack in a backpack and safe enough to go through TSA, Grabber Body Warmers are easy to travel with no matter where you're going