• 🎁Improve Sleep Quality: The memory foam pillow can absorb stress. It greatly improves the comfort of the neck and shoulder, and it is great for improving sleep quality. Use the pillow correctly, you won't have a stiff neck.
  • 🎁Ergonomic Design: The memory foam pillow will deform according to the skull. Its deformability will automatically fill in the gap between the shoulders. The memory foam pillow fits around the neck and avoids cervical deformation problems, so it is suitable for all kinds of people. You will fall asleep faster and deeper.
  • 🎁Soft and Breathable: The memory foam pillow is very soft and breathable. It has excellent recovery performance and a strong three-dimensional feel. The memory foam pillow provides warmth and coolness in summer and winter.
  • 🎁Easy to Clean: The memory foam pillow has invisible zipper. It is easy to disassemble, and it doesn't wrinkle easily. Wash the pillowcase if necessary. ( NOTICE: Do not wash the memory foam core).
  • 🎁Gifts for Couples: The memory foam pillow won't be hard. It reduces arm pressure and provides the most comfortable position for couples. The memory foam pillow can enhance the relationship between couples.