• 15 Pcs Wall Cable Raceway Kit: Your cable concealer kit includes 15×plastic cable raceway channels (each channel is L16.9in×W1.18in×H0.6in, 254 inches total in length), 14×couplings, 6×flat elbows, 2×t-connectors, 32×screws, 32×wall anchors, 2×mounting tape rolls and an installation guide to help you make the most of your cable organizer
  • End of Cable Clutter: Make your cable mess a thing of the past with Delamu cord cover wall system that has everything packed for you to get the job done effortlessly. Depending on the cable size, you can enclose 3+ cables with our cable concealer at 1.18in wide and 0.6in high. Be ready to clean up the stubborn cable mess and improve your home aesthetics
  • Easy Installation in Two Ways: Making a huge difference in how your home looks need just a few simple steps. Follow our “Installation Guide” and fix your cord hider right into place with clear PE mounting tape or screws and wall anchors that are all provided in the kit. (Note: The mounting tape is not suitable for textured surfaces/walls)
  • Neater Environment for Everyone: Aside from making your space look messy, loose wires and cables also create a tripping hazard. Your family could trip on tangled wires, kids and pets could play or bite on cables. Mount our wall cord hider to eliminate possible danger with all cords and cables kept out of sight
  • Cut & Paint As You Like: Your home and your way. Easily customize the cord cover to your project whether it’s tidying up wires in the home theater, workstation, living room, or office. Cut the wire cover raceways to whatever length you need and paint them to match your room decor however you like