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There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in technology, and YLG.org helps million consumers each month find the innovations they love. We won't talk down to you or baffle you with jargon, just like an honest friend or advisor who is well-versed in the latest modern technology. Instead, we will offer you clear, unbiased advice as well as trade secrets that we have learned from extensive, in-depth testing.

YLG.org is the go-to resource for helpful product details in the tech sector. We have a team of subject matter specialists who have expertise in the field of technology they will be writing about. You may rely on us to offer in-depth analyses, suggestions, evaluations, and opinions.

To establish a global footprint in the e-commerce sector, we are exerting every effort to develop the most dependable global online shopping platform for consumers. YLG.org is a third-party company that in no way stands in for or is associated with any supplier or producer. We can offer neutral and unbiased reviews as a result. Every one of our articles has been written from the perspective of our readers to reflect them fairly.

Whether you're looking for a useful laptop, a PC, or even additional equipment, we have in-depth reviews and comparisons for every product. The time and money you would have spent researching tens of thousands of products before making your decision will be greatly reduced as a result.

YLG.org is aware that a customer's interaction with a product doesn't end with the completion of a transaction. As a result, we frequently keep ourselves up to date with any alterations or developments made by well-known companies by conducting tests, evaluating them, and then keeping track of them. The ability to offer our clients the best service is made possible by this.

Our writing staff worked diligently for months or even years to do detailed research on a variety of products to provide readers with the most illuminating and comprehensive evaluations and purchase suggestions. We also take into account objective customer feedback, which is typically what ultimately persuades customers to make a purchase. If you remember these things, you can always rely on us as your go-to source for purchase information.

Bradford StreichBradford Streich
Editor in Chief
For a long time, Bradford Streich has been creating computers and writing about creating computers. He enjoys playing video games and using technology. He hosts giveaways, builds PCs, and evaluates laptops, parts, and accessories on YouTube.



Bradford StreichClifford Boyle
Managing Editor
Clifford Boyle enjoys taking computers apart to look at everything from the hardware to the coding that makes them function. Since the first time he used a PC that his father had purchased back in the day and had Windows 95 installed, he has been fascinated by technology. He most recently worked at YLG as an editor and contributor. Additionally, he holds a master's in computer science.


Bradford StreichFrida Ankunding
Managing Editor
From the early start of the twenty-first century, Frida began writing about and reviewing technological products. He also enjoys taking pictures and traveling. As a result, she is frequently included in articles on a wide range of subjects, from the greatest gaming PCs to taking the best beach shots.